Welcome to Hard at #Werk: a menswear/skincare/lifestyle blog that pushes the narrative to include men of all shapes and sizes. Body positivity and the fashion world don’t always go hand-in-hand, so I’m here to change that. 

IMG_4349My name is Gianluca Russo and I am a New York-based writer, social media manager, and fashionista. My work has been published in Teen Vogue, INSIDER, Brit+Co, BUST Magazine, and more.

My relationship with fashion is a long and complicated one. Despite my love for the industry, I felt excluded from it growing up largely due to the fact that I never saw myself in brand campaigns or on runways. Men like me — plus-size, overweight, obese, not-skinny — are often treated as slobs. But how can we expect men to be fashionable if they aren’t given adequate opportunity to do so?

I am, quite literally, hard at work when it comes to increasing diverse body representation in fashion. It is the mission of this blog to help further this new narrative and to show that all men — regardless of size, shape, color, style, etc. — can slay the runway and make their mark in this glamorous industry.