My Love For the Summer Suit

I learned a lot of things from living in New York City this summer. For starters, never trust the subway. Literally never. But any New Yorker can tell you that one.

What I also quickly learned is that there is a go-to uniform for all businessmen. No, it’s not a requirement that they dawn themselves in this attire daily, but rather, it has become a habit that all businessmen residing in their cubicles in the Financial District have come to live by. Gone are the days of the black and white suit. The new uniform of today’s businessman? The blue summer suit.

Navy, Royal, Sapphire—my commute to work each morning became an adventure through the 50 Shades of Blue. And frankly, I was totally here for it. Black and white is too old fashioned. Blue suits, on the other hand, are the perfect summer option. The shades are plentiful and the styling options are endless. Pair them with a brown dress shoe, a white button up and tie? Or pair them with a white sneaker for a more relaxed look? Either way, I’m in support.

So midway through the summer, I fell deep into the summer suit black hole online. And what I discovered shook me to the core. Summer suits of all shades and styles filled my photo gallery soon after. What’s not to love? A professional look that fits the laid back theme of the season? Count me in.

So after much research, it came time for me to join the trend and purchase a summer suit. But being the outrageous personality that I am, I knew that a simple blue suit wouldn’t be enough. No, I needed something that would leave my fellow New Yorkers speechless. That’s where Opposuits came in.

The brand, which was launched in 2010, was founded by Jasper Castelein, Jelle van der Zwet and Guus Bakker. Their goal was to create suits that were the complete opposite of boring while still focusing on impeccable fit and style. And they certainly accomplished that. With options available for men (up to a size 45” waist!), women and children, Opposuits combined entertaining patterns and prints with professional style for a true masterpiece.

So which suit option did I pick to wear on my last day of work this summer?

Yep, I snapped. The Tropicool suit was the perfect option for me and I loved wearing it to my last day of work at And with the looks of the weather, with the heat still in full force, it looks like I may get a chance to wear it again before the summers up. But thankfully, Opposuits has playful options for all year round. Keep this brand on your radar: They’re the real deal.

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