New York Fashion Week: Carlos Campos’ Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Imagine a crossover between teenage Carrie Bradshaw (from The Carrie Diaries, not Sex and the City) and Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada with a dash of every character from The Bold Type thrown in there. That’s exactly how I felt as I entered my Uber and embarked on the way to New York Fashion Week: Men’s this past Monday.

I’d never been to a show at New York Fashion Week before, let alone any runway show. And so, I was quaking—yes, quaking—at the thought of what I was in store for. Spoiler alert: It was one of the most glamorous days of my life.

As I entered Industria Studios at around 3 p.m. for Carlos Campos’ runway show, I was in awe of those around me. Never in my life had I seen such fashion-forward, stylish, immensely creative men. After a few minutes of waiting in line (in front of me was the former editorial director of a huge menswear magazine and behind me was a well-known fashion influencer), I entered the showroom to find that I was seated in the front row. Yes, I was as shook as shook can be.

Needless to say, the show was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was the perfect way to kick off NYFWM and the perfect show to be my first. And now, let’s get to the good part: the fashion. Here are my top five favorite looks from Campos’s spring/summer 2019 collection that he presented.

Courtesy of Carlos Campos New York

#5: An Amarillo Yellow Summer Wool Suit with Silk-Satin Shear Tank

I am obsessed with the color yellow as of recent, so you can only imagine how happy I was to see it showcased in Campos’ collection. After the first look entered the runway, I knew instantly that a full-on yellow suit would be coming and I certainly was not disappointed. I love the shade of this suit and the pairing of the white sneakers with it, as well as the sheer top. It blew me away and still does each time I look at it.

Carlos, if you ever need a plus-size man to create this look for, please hit me up.

Courtesy of Carlos Campos New York

#4: Deep Navy Cotton Striped Women Geo-Western Shirt and Deep Navy Cotton Striped Slim Leg Trousers

My fourth favorite look had a much more mellow color scheme than the amarillo yellow suit, but what I loved so much about this look was the mix of patterns. I love the wider navy stripes placed against the thinner deep nave striped trousers. It gives off a sort of optical illusion that’s perfect for the runway and for the camera. Plus, the fit of the outfit is perfect and once again, the white sneakers with a splash of orange on the bottom are a great compliment.

Courtesy of Carlos Campos New York

#3: Pale Sienna Tailored Semi-Raglan Wool/Cotton Bomber and Pale Sienna Fine Twill Wool Bespoke Tailored Trousers with Amarillo Yellow Piping.

The yellow piping on this bomber blew me away. For starters, the wool trousers are exquisitely made. Paired with this simple yet chic jacket and I was 100% sold. I’m not always on board with a monochromatic outfit but the small pops of yellow really made this stand out amongst the rest of the collection.

Courtesy of Carlos Campos New York

#2: Pale Sienna fine Twill Wool Double-Breasted Coat with Cream Color-Blocking, Cream Fine Twill Wool Bespoke Tailored Trousers and Cream Silk-Satin Shear Tank.

This was undeniably a fantastic way to end the collection. The double-breasted coat is simple yet perfectly crafted by Campos. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love color-blocking, and although that usually means (for me, at least) bright colors against each other, I think the white against cream color-blocking in this ensemble was fabulously done.

Courtesy of Carlos Campos New York.

#1: Pale Sienna Brushed Sateen Double-Breasted Belted Wool Suit with Amarillo Yellow Silk Stain Shear Tank.

This was only the second look to come down the runway and yet easily was my favorite. For starters, as I’ve already made clear, I’m obsessed with the yellow against the pale sienna with the white sneakers. It’s a truly genius combination. But what I love most about this ensemble is the belted wool double-breasted blazer. Before the show even began, I saw someone in a belted blazer and thought to myself, “Wow, I need to purchase something like that!” So you can imagine my delight when this walked down the runway. There isn’t one thing about this look that I would change or, to be honest, about the entire collection.

Campos’ collection was simple, chic, and sophisticated all wrapped into one. I was so honored to be able to attend the show and I can’t wait to follow his designs closely in the future.

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